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“Programming lets me look at the world from a different perspective”

Nancy encourages more women to learn programming.

“Programming lets me look at the world from a different perspective”

Nancy from Egypt is a music teacher. But this 25-year-old wanted to learn quite different skills as a programmer. She found a suitable training course offered by the Egyptian-German Center for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration (EGC) in Cairo. This comprehensive (full stack) course includes learning the basics of programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Python, API, HTML, CSS, and PHP. The aim is for participants without any prior knowledge to be in a position to create their own projects at the end of the course. The course is free of charge.

Nancy tells us here how the course helped her to develop her potential:

How did you progress from music to programming?

I've always been interested in programming. I tried learning it on my own at first. But I signed up straight away when I discovered that the EGC offers a suitable training course. I was so enthusiastic about this opportunity that I rescheduled my other commitments to be able to take part in the course. This was the start of my adventure in a sector that has nothing to do with my current job.

The IT sector is still largely dominated by men. Did that bother you?

I was a bit intimidated at first. All I saw was men the first time I entered the training room. But then another woman joined us. I’ve always wondered why there aren’t more women interested in programming. After all, it’s now in such demand around the world. Everyone attending the course was really nice and the trainer treated us all the same. He wasn’t concerned whether you’re a woman or a man, but rather how much knowledge you can absorb.

The class is enthusiastic about more practical knowledge.

What level of knowledge did the other participants have?

Many of those on the course had already completed a degree in computer science. I was curious why they were still taking part in an EGC training course. They explained that their degree course was very theoretical. This course enabled them to expand their practical knowledge. The course provides the latest knowledge that meets current market needs. Many of the participants stressed that the skills learned on the course are important to their further career development.

What is your next step after the course?

I wanted to learn how I can use programming in relation to music. So I won’t be changing my job, since I love music so much. My plan is to open a music centre, and the knowledge I’ve gained will be very useful for that. It means I can design the centre’s website myself. So my goal has been fully achieved.

And how has the course influenced you?

I probably benefited most from the course, since I was a complete beginner in this field. I developed from being someone who knew next to nothing about the subject to someone who can create both the front end and back end of entire databases. And all of that in just one course! But what’s even more amazing is that this course influenced how I see the world. A logical method forms the core of programming. This appealed to me and now lets me look at the world from a different perspective

As of: 08/2022

I was a newcomer to programming and now I can create both the front end and back end of entire databases.

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