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"There are a lot of job opportunities in Senegal"

Abdourakhmane Wane, head of the CSAEM

"There are a lot of job opportunities in Senegal"

Abdourakhmane Wane manages the Senegalese-German Centre for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration (CSAEM). He believes there is nowhere in the world that compares with "home".  

How do you and your team support those seeking your advice?

Our centre focuses on three main aspects: we provide advice on jobs, migration and reintegration. Together with our partners, such as the national agencies promoting youth employment, we support those returning to Senegal or those who never left but are still seeking new opportunities. We create a profile and then jointly develop a roadmap which is tailored to their individual needs. This enables us to offer career and personal training options. Besides advice on career opportunities we also offer psychosocial support.

What opportunities do you currently see in Senegal?

Many people want to return, although the political or economic instability in their home country puts them off. Yet there are lots of success stories: returnees often find market niches when investigating business ideas. Young entrepreneurs can find opportunities in agriculture, fishing or animal husbandry, for example. Many people more so than anything just want to live in their home country, where they have their friends and family and they feel comfortable. This sense of home extends far beyond material and financial issues. The corona pandemic reminds us that people matter most when it comes to developing your home country. We therefore try to offer them local prospects.

What motivates you in your work?

The people we advise bring a wealth of experience that can contribute to the development of our country. This is one reason that motivates me to assist them. Working with a young and dynamic team in an international programme is also fascinating – especially because we all face the same challenges. These aspects – together with the flexibility and openness of our partners – are what invigorate us and drive us forward.