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Additional offers for women

Help for women in need

The SOLWODI organisation helps women in difficult situations. The name SOLWODI stands for solidarity with women in distress. The SOLWODI return project helps women who have to or want to return to their country of origin.

The return projects helps in the following situations, for example:
• You're the victim of human trafficking
• You're being forced into prostitution
• You're being forced to marry
• Your family is threatening you
• There are violence and other problems in your marriage or partnership
• You're being exploited
• You're single or travelling alone

SOLWODI provides individual help with your return. Support can be provided in different ways.

For example:
• Advice Available throughout Germany
• Financial support after returning to your country of origin
• Support with training courses
• Support when starting a new job
• Funding for a business start-up
• Subsidies for travel and freight costs

You also have the option of living in one of our apartments. You are protected there.
You do not have to pay for the advice.
Worth knowing For women only. Our advice is free of charge. German and English. (Female interpreters are available if needed. Please feel free to enquire.)
SOLWODI Return and Reintegration Project – Coordination unit
Charlotte Becker, Dorothee Helou and Nataša Tomić

SOLWODI Deutschland e.V.
Post box 3741
55027 Mainz
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Start-ups for women

You learn how to start a business in your country of origin. The course is appropriately structured to suit you and other attendees. 
The goal: You learn how to start your own business, so you can be financially independent in your home country.
The course includes the following:

• Discovering entrepreneurial skills
• Finding your own realistic business idea
• Learning about finance models
• Learning simple bookkeeping methods
• Getting to know models for marketing
Female lecturers from the Bonn/Rhein-Sieg Chamber of Industry and Commerce's training and development centre teach the course.
A female social worker from SOLWODI e. V. supervises, advises and accompanies all attendees.
Worth knowing St. Augustin. 14 days. Free of charge. For women only. Childcare is offered. German and English. (Female interpreters are available if needed. Please feel free to enquire.)

SOLWODI Deutschland e.V.
Antonina Reiners
Kölnstr. 4
53111 Bonn

Derzeit wird die Maßnahme online umgesetzt. Weitere Informationen bei der Ansprechperson.

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