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Starting a business

Financial help with microloans

LAPO Microfinance Bank gives various loans:

  • The loans may be very small.
  • The maximum loan amount is 5,000,000 naira.

For example, LAPO offers loans for:

  • women who want to learn a profession
  • groups
  • returnees.

Ask about suitable offers. LAPO Microfinance Bank has branches all over Nigeria. You can find the addresses under the following link:

For more information, please call Mr Idoko.

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Help with starting a business

Startup Nigeria offers a 3-month incubation programme.

That means that you get help and support for 3 months if you want to start a business.

The programme offers the following help:

  • financing advice
  • mentoring
  • various training courses.

The curriculum has been developed especially to promote innovative products. Startup Nigeria helps you to put your project idea into practice.

The programme is available to everyone.

You will have to pay a fee for the programme. For more information, please write an email.

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Offices and courses for self-employed people

The LEAD Resources agency advises men and women who work for themselves or want to start a business.

LEAD offers:

  • courses
  • training programmes
  • offices to rent
  • workplaces to rent
  • help in finding financial backers for your project.

It offers these services at 3 locations:

  • the address given here
  • Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library
  • the Youth Development Centre in Ogun State.

The courses are open to everyone.

You will have to pay a fee for the courses. The costs depend on the length of the course. The minimum fee is 6,000 naira.

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Training courses and starting a business

The Entrepreneurship Development Centres (EDC) were set up in 2008 by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). There are 6 centres across Nigeria. The centres offer training and help with starting a business.

The courses are for entrepreneurs from different fields. The courses run for up to 12 weeks. You will spend part of the time in school and then do an internship.

The centres also offer:

  • financial support for start-ups
  • advice for start-ups
  • seminars
  • workshops.

You have to be at least 18 years old. Registration costs 10,000 naira.

Please call one of the centres and ask which centre is responsible for you.

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Personal consultation

Need support before or after your return to Nigeria? Here you can receive advice.

Link to the advice centre