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Families and children

Support for orphans

Pakistan Sweet Home supports orphans. Their assistance includes:

  • Food and shelter
  • Education
  • A pleasant learning environment
  • Training

This support is available throughout Pakistan.

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Support for children, women and senior citizens in need

The Chhipa Welfare Association offers the following assistance:

  • Meals in Chhipa centres throughout Pakistan
  • Assistance to victims of accidents and disasters
  • Financial assistance to buy food
  • Accommodation for orphans, vulnerable women, children and senior citizens
  • Care for orphans and street children

These services are available without charge throughout Pakistan.

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Support for children

The Child Protection and Welfare Bureau (CPWB) provides food and shelter to children. It also offers them education and training courses. It has moreover established a youth court which deals with matters relating to custody, guardianship and the reunification of children and parents. The CPWB also operates a helpline for children in need.

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