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New job and renewed happiness in Albania

My name is Realf and I am 25 years old. I went to Germany in early 2018 and wanted to start a career there. But after five months I realised that would be difficult without a legal status. So I returned to my homeland, Albania – then completely new opportunities opened up for me there. What happened was that

friends back in Tirana told me about DIMAK, the "German Information Centre for Migration, Training and Careers". They said DIMAK could help me to reintegrate. That sounded promising, so I decided to go along. This really was an excellent decision. Because the advice team provided me with all sorts of information and I learned about various paths and courses. It opened my eyes; suddenly I could now see the opportunities that were available in Albania.

Unfortunately I don't have any proper training, just my school leavers certificate. Although I have always been interested in food and gastronomy. DIMAK referred me to a GIZ project that gave me the chance to attend a course and train as a pizza chef. After that, I found a job in a restaurant all by myself. The advice I received at DIMAK really helped me. I now have a job that I enjoy! Now I can say that coming back was the right thing to do. I found a new, skilled job and I am very happy about that.

After returning I found a new, skilled job.
Realf, Albania

Further opportunities

  • Jobs in all sectors

    Are you looking for a job in Albania? Here you will find a list of websites. The websites have adverts for many different jobs.

    more information

  • Training in the hospitality and catering sector

    Would you like to work in a hotel or restaurant? Do you need to learn some additional skills? The Hospitality and Tourism Academy in Tirana has a range of different courses in that field.

    more information

  • Reuniting families

    Have you been separated from your family? Are you trying to find family members? Would you like to reunite your family? The Albanian Red Cross can help you.

    more information

  • Albanian employment agency

    Are you looking for a job in Albania? The Albanian employment agency’s website has a range of information and job offers.

    more information

  • Help for victims of torture

    Are you a victim of torture? Are you suffering trauma? ARCT can help you to feel better soon. It also offers legal advice.

    more information

  • Specific help for women

    Are you a woman seeking support? The network can help you. It offers a range of services and an emergency phone number.

    more information

  • Help for children

    Are you looking for support for your children? Do you need materials for school or clothes? Perhaps you have very little money? You can get help here.

    more information

  • List of places offering training

    Are you looking for a vocational training opportunity in Albania? These websites have lists of names and addresses of public vocational schools and training centres.

    more information

  • Where to find help

    Do you need help? Caritas Albania works in a range of different fields. You can call here if you need help. Caritas works throughout Albania.

    more information

  • Help for survivors of violence

    Are you a survivor of violence? Do you no longer feel safe at home? There is an emergency phone number you can call to get help.
    The network can also help with non-emergency issues.

    more information

  • Worldwide jobs

    Are you looking for a job? Would you like to work in Albania or abroad? Erca can help you to find a job.

    more information

  • Help for children between 5 and 14

    Does your child need support? At school for example? Is he or she between 5 and 14 years old? The network is there for you. It offers special support for children from Egyptian and Roma families.

    more information

  • Courses and skills development

    Are you returning to Albania? Would you like to do a skills development course? A number of different courses are on offer here which could be of interest to all Albanians.

    more information

  • Vocational training in Tirana

    Are you looking for a vocational training course in Tirana? The Don Bosco School offers a range of different courses.

    more information

  • Help for drug users
    and others

    Do you have a drug or alcohol problem? Are you HIV positive or do you have AIDS? Would you like some advice on health and contraception? Do you need help? APRAD is there for you.

    more information

  • Training to become a tailor or dressmaker

    Would you like to become a tailor or dressmaker? Women and girls can train or do an internship with the Albanian Red Cross.

    more information

  • Dual vocational programmes and other training courses

    Are you looking for a dual vocational training programme in Albania? The centre in Kamza offers training courses in various fields. Short courses are also available.

    more information

  • Help with starting a business

    Would you like to set up a business? The Innovation Hub Tirana will help you with the initial steps and will give advice on different aspects of starting a business. It also runs seminars.

    more information

  • Training in catering

    Are you looking for a full vocational training programme or a shorter course in catering? You can do a full vocational training course or shorter courses in different fields at the Neranxi Culinary Institute in Tirana.

    more information

  • Skills development in all fields

    Would you like to do a skills development course? Njoftime offers a range of courses in all fields.

    more information

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