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Finding a dream job at the job fair

The job fair provides the opportunity to take up new career opportunities.

Finding a dream job at the job fair

The annual job and career fair is the largest event run by the German Information Centre for Migration, Vocational Training and Career (DIMAK) in Pristina. The centre organises the event jointly with partners from Kosovo and is already preparing for the next version of the fair in November. Anyone interested can take part in person or online.

Successful job placement despite the pandemic

The job fairs were run online during the corona pandemic and this format also attracted a great deal of interest. The participants and the companies offering jobs both spoke of unparalleled success. More than 5100 people had registered for the 2021 digital fair alone. Around 60 per cent of them were women. This fair offered over 1650 vacancies in the marketing, IT, manufacturing, construction and retail sectors. The participants were able to get information about current jobs, scholarships, training and study opportunities in Kosovo and to apply right away.

Visiting digital spaces and finding suitable job offers

The digital job fair in Kosovo was hosted on the online platform This platform was available both as a website and as a mobile phone app. Participants could use it to visit multiple digital spaces and to get to know about the job offers from over 100 companies and institutions. Everyone was able to use the chat function to write comments and ask questions. The company representatives were able to give immediate answers and to provide information on the details of their job offers. Visitors to the digital job fair were positively surprised at the diversity of jobs on offer. Companies and partner organisations were delighted by the volume and interest of those looking for jobs.

New hybrid combination: in person and digital

Given its positive experience with the virtual format, DIMAK is arranging the next job fair in a hybrid combination: those who want to can come to the “1 Tetori Hall” event centre in the capital Pristina. At the same time there will be the option to take up new career opportunities by participating via the online platform. DIMAK will soon advertise the exact date for the fair.

As of 09/2022

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