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Self-employed as a carpenter in Kosovo

Working as a carpenter is a vocational dream for Qendrim.

Self-employed as a carpenter in Kosovo

Qendrim is now successfully self-employed after returning to Kosovo. DIMAK helped him to turn his vocational dream into reality.

My name is Qendrim and I'm 30 years old. I’m a carpenter and live with my wife and my son in a village in northern Kosovo. I’m the family’s sole wage earner. A low income and the lack of health insurance in Kosovo were reasons that I left for Austria in 2015. I thought that I’d quickly find work there and earn good money. The reality was sadly very different.

The authorities in Austria housed me in accommodation near to the city of Linz. I was surprised that I had to stay in a refugee camp and wasn’t officially permitted to work. But I wanted to earn an income, so I came back to Kosovo 8 months later. That decision proved to be a turning point in my life.

Qendrim was helped to acquire the tools and equipment.

A new opportunity

After returning, I heard for the first time through friends about the German Information Centre for Migration, Vocational Training and Career (DIMAK). They told me that the centre helps people with their reintegration. I collected more information from my municipal administration in Vushtrri. I was told that it would be advisable to make direct contact with DIMAK in Pristina. The DIMAK advisor told me that the centre could support me with starting my own business. I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity. I’d always dreamed of running my own carpentry workshop.

Support with equipping his workshop

I worked together with the team of advisor at DIMAK to develop a business concept for my company. I benefited from both individual and group mentoring sessions. I also took part in a training course for self-employed people. It taught me how to calculate the costs of projects, among other things. Gaining these new skills meant I felt ready to start my own business.

DIMAK’s support not only enabled me to learn new skills, it also provided me with tools for my carpentry workshop. The centre supported me in all kinds of different ways. I wouldn’t have been able to start my own business without it.

Qendrim’s company is successful.

Self-employed and financially successful

I’ve been self-employed for 3 years now and I’m even employing 2 assistants. Customer orders are flowing in. I’m currently working from an outbuilding next to my house. That’s where I store my wood, but it isn’t big enough. So I’d like to build or buy a new workshop with a warehouse attached. I want to expand my business so that I can take on more orders and employ more people. That’s my objective.

I can recommend to all returnees that they contact DIMAK. Its team of advisors is prepared to find the right opportunity for each of them.

As of: 3/2023

This text is written in simple language to ensure that it’s easy for everyone to understand.

I wouldn’t have been able to start my own business without the assistance provided by DIMAK.

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