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Kosovo: The path to becoming a self-employed seamstress

DIMAK gave Aferdita a professional sewing machine, as well as other items.

Kosovo: The path to becoming a self-employed seamstress

Aferdita has turned her passion into a profession. Thanks to the support of DIMAK, she successfully runs her own tailoring business.

I am Aferdita from Kosovo. I am 47 years old and have been working as a self-employed tailor for five years. The year 2017 was a turning point in my life. When I was looking for a new job, friends told me about the German Information Centre for Migration, Vocational Training and Career (DIMAK). That's how I found out about the training for aspiring tailors.

The training is aimed at people who want to start their own business in tailoring and sewing. It is organised by the NGO "Nena Tereze" and DIMAK. Although I did not know how to sew at all before, I decided to participate. I just wanted to learn something new and so my adventure with the new profession began.

Aferdita working in her tailor’s shop.

My path to becoming a self-employed seamstress

I then enjoyed sewing so much that I decided to make it my profession. My dream: to open my own tailor shop. I thought about how I could do that without money for equipment. That's exactly what DIMAK wanted to support me with.

The support was very comprehensive. The DIMAK advisory team accompanied me from the very beginning. First, we developed a business idea for my company together. I also took part in several training courses for self-employed people, for example a training course on setting up a business. You learn what you need to know as an entrepreneur.

DIMAK also gave me the equipment I needed for the work: a professional sewing machine and an iron. Thanks to the counselling, the support with the business concept, the training and the equipment, I was ready to open my tailor shop.

Aferdita clothes a window dummy.

Teaching others to tailor

I have had my tailoring shop "Aferdita" for five years. A year after I started, I got more machines from the municipality where I live. My business is doing really well now. Especially in the summer season I have many orders. I often have to work until midnight to finish the clothes for my customers in time. At the moment I'm working alone, but that's going to change.

Anyone who is interested in sewing is welcome to join me. I offer a free internship because I want to share my experience and skills with others. I support many talented women who cannot afford sewing supplies or do not have a job. They can learn sewing and tailoring from me. Also, women who work from home and make clothes can display and sell their clothes in my tailoring shop.

As of: 07/2023

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I’ve had my tailor’s shop for 5 years now. My business is now going really well.

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