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Self-employed with my own dry lining business

Bashkim has built a future for himself in Kosovo: with his dry lining business.

Self-employed with my own dry lining business

My name is Bashkim and I'm 31 years old. I build partition walls and live in a village near the city of Podujeva in Kosovo. I used to work as a waiter before I emigrated to Germany, but I went to Germany to earn more money.

Support before and after his return 

I worked as a dry liner when I was in Germany. But my asylum application was refused and I had to return to Kosovo. I was supported by a reintegration scout, even though I had to leave Germany in a hurry. We only spoke by phone because the time was so short. She explained to me the help that I could get after my return. While I was still in Germany, she put me in touch with the team at the German Information Centre for Migration, Vocational Training and Career (DIMAK) in Pristina.  

DIMAK provided Bashkim with work equipment to help start his dry lining business.

I went to visit the DIMAK once I was back in Kosovo. Its team of advisers helps returnees like me to make a new start in Kosovo, which makes reintegration so much easier. The DIMAK offers training in starting a business, arranges other training courses and helps you find a job.

Work equipment for starting a business

I worked together with the team of advisers to develop my business idea. I decided to become self-employed and to continue as a dry liner. The DIMAK also provided me with work equipment to start me off building partition walls. This equipment enabled me to start my own business in my village. That was a year ago. I want to use the DIMAK services to further develop my business, continue my training and later on to employ other staff.

Now I’m happy that I came back to Kosovo and can work independently. The help that the DIMAK gave me means that I’m economically independent and can look positively to the future.

Support for Bashkim’s return

Those involved in Bashkim’s successful return include:

As of: 06/2022

I’m happy that I came back to Kosovo.

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