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My new start at an organic nursery

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My new start at an organic nursery

My name is Abdellatif. I live in Tagzirt, a village not far from Beni Mellal in north-central Morocco. My village has everything needed for a successful nursery: a lot of land and a good climate. I’ve always been fascinated with trees and plants, which is why I’ve finally realised my dream and started my own business in this sector. Before that, I lived abroad for ten years and spent eight years working in casual jobs in Morocco.

The Moroccan-German Information Centre on Migration and Vocational Integration (EIMA) helped me to establish my business. It was the Moroccan employment agency ANAPEC who put me in touch with the centre. The EIMA team helped me to turn my idea into a practical project. I already owned a plot of land, but I needed advice on how to start a business and prepare a business plan.

The entrepreneur during a visit to the EIMA

The centre enabled me to take part in training courses as part of the ‘Green Jobs’ project for young people in rural areas. These training courses gave me the knowledge I needed to launch my business and to run it sustainably. The EIMA also told me about the financial support provided by the CEFA organisation.

Plans for a guest house

I have decided that my nursery will be entirely organic, which is relatively new here in Morocco and not as strongly promoted as in other countries. My business would be more profitable if I used pesticides and chemicals, but I see it as my obligation to the next generation to play my part in contributing towards a sustainable world.

I wouldn't have believed before that now I’d be standing in my own organic nursery. Like a lot of people from my region, I emigrated to Europe as a young man because I was looking for better opportunities. But that’s all behind me. I’m looking to the future and I'm already planning some more projects. I’d like to build a guest house and offer healthy meals. I want people to feel good when they visit me and be happy to come to the nursery – maybe even take a short holiday here. I’d also like to provide educational services for children and young people.

Caught up in the corona pandemic

Unfortunately, the coronavirus crisis has hit me and my company hard. I’ve had to reduce the size of my team due to the economic situation. The effects of the pandemic are felt everywhere. That’s why the EIMA referred me to the National Initiative for Human Development (Initiative Nationale pour le Développement Humain - INDH), who are helping me at the moment.

Abdellatif in his nursery

I’m still spending a lot of time in my nursery. It reminds me of my childhood – my father taught me the basics of agriculture and nurseries at an early age. Since then I have had a special relationship with plants. I speak to them a lot. My nursery is my little green world and I hope to see it grow even more.

Date: 05/2021
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I already owned a plot of land, but I needed advice on how to start a business and prepare a business plan.

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