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Success with my grocery shop

The EIMA helped Ahmed to open his own grocery shop. “My spontaneity and my smile have helped me to develop a loyal customer base”, he says.

Success with my grocery shop

My name is Ahmed. I'm 31 years old. I live in Tangier in northern Morocco. I was still a schoolboy the first time I arrived in Europe. I lived for a few years in a reception centre for minors in Spain. That wasn’t easy for me as a teenager.

I worked in the gardening sector, hotel management and the iron industry during my stay in Europe.

In search of future prospects

I spent a few years in Spain. Belgium and Germany and then decided to return to my home city. I was looking for new opportunities, but it wasn’t easy to get started. A lot had changed since I left the country as a young boy.

I went job hunting and worked in a garment factory, as a plasterer and in an offshore call centre. But there were lots of reasons why I couldn’t continue working this way.

So I contacted the office of the Moroccan employment agency ANAPEC. They told me about EIMA, the Moroccan-German Information Centre on Migration and Vocational Integration in Tangier.

My visit to EIMA was a turning point for me. Contact with the team at the centre resulted in the first positive change since my return. I understood things more clearly.

EIMA let me take part in lots of training courses where I learned what I need for the job market, how to be successful and how to reintegrate back into society in Morocco. Each training course was an opportunity to learn new things and to share knowledge and experience.

I started my own grocery business

I investigated what people in my district need. Then I decided to open a grocery shop. I’ve got loads of ideas, but I have to take things step by step, especially because of the corona pandemic. But I got started straight away and renovated the shop during the lockdowns. I’ve finished all the necessary repairs.


I was later given financial support from EIMA and the European Committee for Agricultural Training (CEFA). I bought equipment and goods that I needed for my shop.

I rely on my good relationships with my customers and people in the neighbourhood.

I’ve built up good relations with them and help them with their daily needs. My spontaneity and my smile have helped me to develop a loyal customer base.

I’d like to offer even more products and services in the future. This will make my business more profitable and let me sell more to set myself apart from other shops.

As of: 08/2022

This text is written in simple language, which makes sure that it’s easy for everyone interested to understand.

Support for Ahmed’s new start

The following institutions helped Ahmed to build a new life for himself in Morocco:

The EIMA really helped me to open my own grocery shop. Now I have a loyal customer base.

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