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The dream of starting a business becomes reality

 A woman whose face is not recognisable is blow-drying another person's hair.
Working in her hairdressing salon has allowed Chaimae to rebuild self-confidence. She doesn’t want to reveal her identity for personal reasons.

The dream of starting a business becomes reality

Chaimae has turned her vocational dream into reality after returning to Morocco: the Moroccan-German Information Centre on Migration and Vocational Integration supported her in opening a hairdressing salon.

My name is Chaimae and I’m 22 years old. I come from Nador, a coastal city in north-eastern Morocco. I moved to Germany in February 2020 to be with my husband. But then came the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Life was difficult and we had serious marriage problems. I eventually moved in with a family friend. I didn’t speak much German, so I had difficulty communicating and couldn’t find a job.

I submitted an asylum application, but it was refused. I moved to an immigration and refugee centre in Dortmund, where I spent another year. I finally decided to return to Morocco voluntarily.

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) got in touch with me even before my return in August 2021. It gave me a contact at a local association in Morocco. And the Foundation “Orient-Occident” then referred me to the Moroccan-German Information Centre on Migration and Vocational Integration (EIMA).

Advice on starting a career

I was looking for a new career opportunity. The EIMA initially enabled me to take part in an online course. There I learned about the career opportunities that are available to me and the best way to get back to work.

I originally trained as a nurse, but cosmetics are my passion. I worked together with the team of advisors at the EIMA to develop the idea for a hairdressing salon. The team arranged a course for me in Nador, which meant that I could qualify to become a hairdresser.

Equipment for my salon

The EIMA also helped me start up my business. They financed a package with the necessary equipment for me to get started. This included chairs, a hair styling station, lighting, mirrors, brushes and capes for haircutting.

Opening my hairdressing salon in September 2022 allowed me to regain my self-confidence. I currently work alone in my salon and everything is coming along well. I have some regular customers, but intend to expand my business. I’m planning to extend my product range and would also like to sell cosmetic products. That's always been my dream.

This text is written in simple language to ensure that it’s easy for everyone to understand.

Support with Chaimae’s new start

The following institutions helped Chaimae build a new life for herself in Morocco:

As of: 07/2023

Opening my hairdressing salon allowed me to regain my self-confidence.

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