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“Natural cosmetics is my vocation”

Karima wants to develop her own brand and open a retail outlet.

“Natural cosmetics is my vocation”

My name is Karima and I’m 47 years old. After 10 years living abroad, I’m now back in Fès. That’s where I’ve started a business making natural cosmetics. I produce the cosmetics myself and put a lot of love into them. I select the raw materials very carefully, because I want to achieve results that satisfy me.

In 2006, I first left Morocco to settle in Tunisia with my husband. That’s where he was born. Years later we moved on to France, where I managed a grocery shop. But then my husband died, so I was on my own. I decided to come back to Morocco in 2016.

My reintegration into Morocco wasn’t easy, especially after the loss of my husband. And by then my father had also died. I finally attended courses in a cooperative, where I learned how to produce natural cosmetics. That’s my vocation.

Beginning in her own kitchen

I began by making deodorants, toothpaste, lotions, clay masks and lipsticks. I didn’t have the necessary machines at first, so I used the utensils in my kitchen. I did, however, pay particular attention to hygiene. After a while, the non-governmental organisation “Union des Associations de Fès Médina” (Union) provided me with premises for my business.  

In 2020, the president of the Union told me about the Moroccan-German Information Centre on Migration and Vocational Integration (EIMA). I registered there for vocational courses that were organised by EIMA and one of its partners. These courses were held online due to the pandemic. They made a positive change in my professional career and in the way I manage and develop my project.

Selling via social networks

Help from EIMA also let me buy production machinery in November of the same year. So I can now produce my products quickly and efficiently, and ensure a high level of quality. That was a big step forwards. The production and marketing of my goods are so much better.
My first customers included a cooperative and a grocery shop, as well as friends and family. Now I also sell my cosmetics via social media networks.

The situation during the corona pandemic was difficult due to the decline in tourism in Fès. But my turnover started to improve after the first year of the lockdown. I’m ambitious, but also cautious – so I’m developing my project slowly. I’m coming up with new successful ways and practical ideas for marketing my products. One example of this is cosmetic oil sachets in handy sizes. They’re easy to sell in grocery shops and ḥammāms, our public steam baths.

I have dreams that will hopefully become reality one day. I’d like to develop my own brand and open my own retail outlet.

This text is written in simple language. We want to make sure that it’s easy to understand for everyone interested.

Support for Karima’s new start

The following institutions helped Karima build a new life for herself in Morocco:

Photo: Karima has found her vocation in the production of cosmetics.  

As of: 09/2022

The courses organised by EIMA made a positive change in my professional career.

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