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A new start with a hairdressing salon

Marzouk enjoys working as a hairdresser.

A new start with a hairdressing salon

My name is Marzouk and I’m 32 years old. I live in Arekmane in north-eastern Morocco. I’ve achieved my goal: having my own hairdressing salon. Working as a hairdresser is something I’ve always loved.

Many young people from my region in Morocco set off for Europe in 2013. I was one of them. I went to my brother in Germany to find a job.

I worked on construction sites during my stay there. I also enjoyed styling the hair of the people around me.

I decided to go to Spain to find new opportunities. On my journey south, the French authorities deported me back to Morocco in 2017.

Training courses for starting a business

Back in Morocco, I was looking for an opportunity to start a small project. I wanted it to match my skills and ambitions. I managed to get a hairdressing certificate. An association that helps micro businesses told me about EIMA, the Moroccan-German Information Centre on Migration and Vocational Integration.

EIMA arranged for me to take part in training courses. I learned a lot about problem solving, communication and time management. These training courses also taught me how to manage my outgoings and income. I learned how to successfully realise my project.

EIMA helped Marzouk to open a modern hairdressing salon. Photos: Alice Dufour

A modern salon

Hairdressing is my passion. I believe I can work magic and be creative with my hands. EIMA supported me to rent a salon in Arekmane. The right equipment means I’ve turned it into a modern hairdressing salon. My salon is even air-conditioned.

The pandemic has severely impacted my project and my income has dropped significantly. Arekmane is in a region where there are usually visitors from home and abroad. But the travel restrictions meant that very few visitors came.

I’m longing for things to get back to normal. I’d like to expand my business by opening a new, bigger hairdressing salon in Nador city.

As of 09/22

This text is written in simple language. We want to make sure that it’s easy to understand for everyone interested.

The training courses taught me how to manage my outgoings and income and successfully implement my project.

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