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“Offering the right service for each individual”

Mansoor Khan, head of the PGFRC

“Offering the right service for each individual”

Dr Mansoor Zaib Khan is head of the Pakistani-German Facilitation and Reintegration Centre (PGFRC). In a short interview he speaks about the services offered by the centre and about what motivates him personally.

Mr Khan, how exactly do you and your team assist those seeking your advice?
We offer individual solutions that help people reintegrate into Pakistani society once they come back here. Careers advice, soft skills courses and the preparation of CVs or business plans all take place directly in our centre. We also work alongside local and international partners. This enables us to offer the best possible service for each individual.

What opportunities do you see in Pakistan at the moment?
Returnees have a wealth of opportunities in various sectors. The “Kamyab Jawan” programme run by the Pakistani government, for instance, funds technical, vocational and digital training for young people or provides assistance with starting a business. Most of the job opportunities for returnees have recently been in the construction industry. But agriculture and livestock breeding have also seen major opportunities for starting a new career.

What motivates you in your work?
Our comprehensive service is unique in Pakistan. In my eyes it’s a great way not only to support people once they return, but also to advance Pakistan’s overall society and economy.

Returnees have a wealth of opportunities in various sectors.
Dr. Mansoor Zaib Khan