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Returning to Senegal well prepared

Returning to Senegal well prepared

Going back home is not always easy. Spending time abroad changes people. And their country of origin will have changed too. There is a new guidebook on reintegration that provides lots of information for Senegalese nationals. It contains useful tips on the best ways to prepare for going back home from Germany.  

In the words of a Senegalese proverb, "It's courage that prompts you to leave, but character that persuades you to return." In addition to character, however, what is needed more than anything is the right information to ensure that your return runs smoothly. The new guidebook helps you with this. It is written in French and its title translates as "A Guide to Reintegration for Senegalese Returnees from Germany".

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This guidebook teaches you how to successfully master the different stages of return:
-    What to do in Germany to prepare for your return.
-    How to quickly reintegrate when back in Senegal.
-    How to develop both personally and in your career.
-    How to find your place in society.

The guidebook is intended for different types of people. Those for instance...
-    ... who would like to go back home after studying in Germany;
-    ... who applied for asylum, but their application was rejected;
-    ... who would like to start their own business in Senegal.

The guidebook also answers questions like these:
-    How can I explain to my family at home that I would like to return?
-    What programmes are available to help me restart my career?
-    What are the economic sectors in Senegal where it's worth investing?

Do you have questions about your potential return? Would you like to discuss your ideas and plans? Please feel free to contact the Senegalese-German Centre for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration.