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Success story:

Honey for Tunisia

My name is Khaled. I’m 34 and I come from Tunisia. I left school to work at my parent’s vegetable store after grade 7. But my real dream was always to go to Europe. I finally made this dream come true in 2008: I crossed the Mediterranean to Italy and then made my way via France and Belgium to Germany. There I met a German woman and we got married five years later. My German gradually got better, but I still had virtually no chance of getting a job. I even lost my residence permit when we divorced, so I had to go back to Tunisia.

I heard about the German-Tunisian Centre for Jobs, Migration and Integration in Tunis, so I went there to get advice. Thanks to the support of the advice centre, I’m now training as a beekeeper. At the same time I work at my family’s vegetable store. I’ve even bought a small truck for myself. At the moment I transport fruit and vegetables in my truck. But soon I’d like to set up my own business as a beekeeper, supplying my honey to vegetable markets and supermarkets.

I’d like to travel back to Germany again in the future – but as a tourist to visit my two-year-old son.

I’d like to set up my own business as a beekeeper and sell my honey to vegetable markets and supermarkets.
Khaled, Tunisia

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