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Organisation "Lady" empowers girls and women in Kosovo

Sanija Murati from the organisation “Lady” welcomes women and girls from Kosovo with great warmth.

Organisation "Lady" empowers girls and women in Kosovo

As a partner of the German Information Centre for Migration, Training and Careers (DIMAK), the non-governmental organisation "Lady" offers special support to girls and women in Kosovo.

Sanija Murati heads the team of the non-governmental organisation (NGO) "Lady" in Kosovo. In an interview, she talks about the organisation’s services and its commitment to equal opportunities.

Who does "Lady" support?

"Lady" offers programmes for all women and girls in Kosovo, regardless of social status or origin. Our services are aimed at local women and girls as well as returnees. However, most of the services and programmes focus on women returnees. We support them on their way to successful reintegration into society, both economically and culturally.

How can people contact the organisation?

Anyone who wants to find out more about "Lady" and our services and who is looking for contact information has two options: you can either get information through DIMAK or via our website and Facebook. Many of our former participants also tell their friends about the programme. Girls and women contact us by email or phone, or through various social networks, or they come directly to the centre.

What services are offered?

"Lady" aims to improve the situation of women and girls in all circumstances. The organisation supports women and girls who are affected by violence and discrimination. Specifically, psychological support and other counselling is also offered for health problems.

On training courses, women and girls learn all the important skills they need for personal and professional development. The goal is to improve their knowledge and abilities in areas such as business start-up and management, communication, negotiation and career development. We prepare women for the employment market. When it comes to job searching, we also remain at the women's side and provide support in preparing CVs and cover letters. In addition, we bring women together with potential employers.

What are other focal areas of your work?

We regularly meet with experts from different fields at public events. We organise our own social and cultural activities, fairs, presentations and community development programmes. But our activities also include public education and working with the press: we conduct research in the field of women's and girls' rights in Kosovo, especially on issues such as gender discrimination, domestic violence and sexual violence. We also provide support with health problems.

Women in all walks of life can turn to the non-governmental organisation “Lady”.

Why is supporting women so important?

Women should have the same opportunities as men in all areas of life. Only when women have the same rights and opportunities can they make full use of their potential and contribute to the development and improvement of society. This requires dedicated support services, however.

How do “Lady” and DIMAK work together?

With their many years of experience, our team researches and analyses the problems of Kosovar society, especially those of women and girls. The DIMAK advisory team discusses the needs of women in Kosovo with the Lady team and makes proposals for new projects accordingly. DIMAK provides the necessary material resources and equipment for the projects. Then we take care of the implementation.

Sanija Murati campaigns for equal rights for women in Kosovo.

Do you remember any special cases or success stories?

Every day at "Lady" we hear stories about strong girls and women. In 2022, for example, we met an extraordinary woman. She had suffered deep losses in her family and struggled with a serious illness, but she never gave up on herself. "Every day I go to chemotherapy early in the morning and come back from the hospital as soon as possible so I can participate and be part of the Lady training," she said. Her words really inspired us.

"Lady" is the first and so far only counselling centre for women in Kosovo. How did it come about?

The story of the founding of "Lady" begins in the early 2000s, when the need was greatest after the war. Especially women who had to raise and care for their children needed support. In 2005, the NGO was officially established as a non-profit organisation and started to provide various services for women in Kosovo. We empower women so that they can make use of their opportunities. We do not provide direct financial support, but we do mediate and advise.

As of: 07/2023

The aim of our organisation ‘Lady’ in Kosovo is to improve the situation for women and girls in all walks of life.
Sanija Murati

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