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Self employed electrician in Jhelum

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Self employed electrician in Jhelum

I now run my own business in Pakistan thanks to the training courses and resources offered by the PGFRC centre. I am delighted to be near my family again.

Covid forced me to stay in Pakistan

My name is Ejaz Rehman and I am from Pakistan. I lived in Saudi Arabia for 10 years and worked there as an electrician. Just before the covid pandemic started I flew to Pakistan to visit my family. After my vacation I planned to go back to Saudi Arabia, but travel restrictions prohibited my return.

Self-employed electrician

When I realised that I could not go back to Saudi Arabia, I started looking for a job in Pakistan. It was not easy to find work until I came across the Pakistani-German Facilitation and Reintegration Centre (PGFRC). The centre helped me to establish my business. I participated in training courses and was provided with tools.

Successful at home

I am now self-employed and run my own business. I am happy to be near my family as well as my own boss.

As of: 03/2023

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