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“Kosovo – a country with lots of potential for its people to develop.”

Maria Kostomay manages the DIMAK in Pristina.

“Kosovo – a country with lots of potential for its people to develop.”

Maria Kostomay manages the German Information Centre for Migration, Vocational Training and Career (DIMAK) in Pristina. In a short interview, she tells us about the work her team does.

How do you support people seeking your advice?
We provide our clients with advice on training, starting their own business or employment which is tailored to their own situation. We want to improve people’s job prospects, and we support those willing to return to Kosovo to make a successful new start. This involves us organising events like job and career fairs. We also offer training on how to complete job applications, professional development courses, mentoring and coaching for start-ups as well as psychosocial support. We provide our advice both in personal consultations and online. DIMAK offers support in both directions – both to those who want to go to Germany for different reasons, such as to study, and in particular to returnees.

What opportunities do you see in Kosovo at the moment?
Kosovo is a beautiful, aspiring young country with lots of potential for its people to develop. It provides great opportunities for returnees, such as many self-employment opportunities. The Kosovar government also offers support programmes relating to this, for example in the construction, agriculture, crafts and service sectors. The GIZ works closely with local institutions to provide help to returnees.

What motivates you in your work?
My professional experience has enabled me to understand the major stresses associated with migration. Families are torn apart and people feel isolated. My job is to try to point out alternatives for men and women. It motivates me to see how the help packages for returnees and the local population are received. They are intended to help people have a better life in Kosovo.

Version: 12/2021

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